Green Pitched Roof - Sedum and Nature Roof

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Green Pitched Roof - Sedum and Nature Roof

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Sedum Pitched Roof
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Solution 1: Sedum roof 5-15°
Solution 1: Sedum roof at ca.15-45° with anti-slip system
Solution 2: Nature roof 5-15°
Solution 2: Nature roof at ca.15-35° with anti-slip system

Special features

Long-lasting solutions for pitched and steep green roofs.
Different system solutions depending on construction conditions.
Cost-effective and reliable anti-slip systems.
Large variety of blooms.

Technical data

Sedum roof
without anti-slip system
with anti-slip system

Weight: 100-130 kg/m²or 1.0-1.3KN/m²*
Layer height: 80-100 mm
Roof pitch: 5-45° (9-84%)
Vegetation form: Moss-sedum-herb
Water retention: 40-60 %
Discharge coefficient: 0.6-0.4
Water storage: ca. 35 l/m²
Ecological value: 1/5
Maintenance and care: 1/5
Cost factor**: 2/5

Nature Roof

without anti-slip system
with anti-slip system

Weight: 160-190 kg/m²or 1.6-1.9KN/m²*
Layer height: 130 mm
Roof pitch: 5-35° (9-70%)
Vegetation form: Sedum-grass-herb
Water retention: 50-70 %
Discharge coefficient: 0.5-0.3
Water storage: ca. 40-50 l/m²
Ecological value: 3/5
Maintenance and care: 2/5
Cost factor**: 3/5

* Weight details relate to water-saturated conditions; weight when dry is equal to ca. 60-70 % of weight when wet.
** Price varies regionally.

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