How to Plaster over Asbestos

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How to Plaster over Asbestos

Post by Side » 17 Jan 2011, 06:20

How do you plasterboard over asbestos sheeting? Can you glue nail or screw it? If I just nail it, i thought it will crack up, is this right? and pre drilling screw holes will produce dust and will just blunt the drill piece. I would prefer to leave it alone and just cover it rather than remove the asbestos although a lot of people would advise to remove it at all costs.
Any ideas? :?:

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Re: How to Plaster over Asbestos

Post by manalive » 01 Dec 2012, 20:08

Keeping the asbestos there is always a possibility. I'd prefer to cover it with Gyprock than try and remove it creating a house full of health debilitating dust. whether its just dust from the wall and roof cavity or asbestos dust who knows.

You can use heaps of glue and longer screw fixings, apply pressure on the scew and in they go. As long as the paint is in good nick on the asbestos walls the glue will hold the sheeting fine. I even used a few roofing screws and pillows of gyprock, then removed the roofing screws and patched the holes once the glue had gone off.

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