Breathing or non Breathing renovation

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Breathing or non Breathing renovation

Post by jedi » 03 Jan 2011, 22:10

I was taken by the concept of 'Built tight - ventilate right' or in my case a renovation equiv'.

It seams right allowing my 1930's house to breathe like it has for the last 8 or 9 decades (although hyperventilate might be a better description) seems the right thing to do.
If I go to the expense and trouble of insulating as much as practical (part L compliance is unreachable compliance let alone exceed it), try to stop/control major air infiltration but allow it to breathe at the same time how do I know how when to stop? (stopping air infiltration in a house like mine is almost impossible given that to be sure of achieving this I would need to gut it completely and dismantle major structural components - Its just a complete rebuild).

The answer may be simple because we currently have no insulation/draught/ventilation control. Anything is better than nothing so im tempted to go with this route.

What do I start first?. Do I try to get at least 250mm insulation in my loft bedroom walls. The only sensible way of doing this is to remove the roof entirely at a cost of approx £18k.
Does fitting 80mm to 60mm in-between and under the rafters do as good a job despite my air leakages?

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Re: Breathing or non Breathing renovation

Post by John2Build » 12 Jan 2011, 13:47

Why carry out insulating work if you do not have an airtight build? Breathing walls are miss understood. They don't breath as such, but pass vapour one way, from IN to OUT.

One day we will all require mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MHVR) for best air quality on demand, not as the wind dictates.

Build tight and ventilate right. 8-)

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Re: Breathing or non Breathing renovation

Post by Draker » 12 Jan 2011, 13:53

Also why MHVR if you have draughts? The common problem Jedi in all old houses is air leakage, which must your priority.

P.S are you really a Jedi? :lol: I like it

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