Insulate a Concrete Ceiling

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Insulate a Concrete Ceiling

Post by teddy » 20 Dec 2010, 11:38

Hi, own a 1920 house that previously had a flat roof when in the 60's a pitched roof was added. The ceiling consists of a 300mm thick concrete slab and I cannot insulate it on the inside because the ceilings are ornate and an original feature.

Should I lay fibre wool on top of the concrete? Will it make much difference to the insulation properties of the house? What options do i have?

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Re: Insulate a Concrete Ceiling

Post by twerl » 15 Jan 2011, 23:07

Insulation will provide you with sustainable heat benefits. I would chose a rigid insulation board. Im not an expert but I know you must be careful with due points. Condensation areas, or the cold side of insulation must be ventilated if you are proposing a cold roof construction. The wool is certainly easier to pack into the eaves, however the thickness must be much greater to match the specification of a rigid board of 80mm.

Another good point about insulating the concrete roof is that the roof will act as a giant heat store slowly dissipating heat through the night after it has spent all day warming up.

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